Friday, August 17, 2007

Thing 23--Learner's permit

My training wheels are off. I think I've accomplished what I set out to do when I titled my blog. I may not be in the technology fast lane, but I feel capable of merging on to the tech superhighway. I look forward to taking a more scenic route next time for more in depth exploring when an ODC isn't the major focus of my work time. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thing 22--Audiobooks

As a selector, I know we strive to have a wide variety of titles and content in the Overdrive collection, given the constraints of budget, publisher availability, copyright issues, ect...In looking at the recent LJ, a columnist brought up the point that we, as librarians, are too meek and accomodating. Should we have refused to subscribe to Netlibrary/Overdrive until IPod issues were fully addressed and accomodated?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thing 21--Podcasts

Recently, I listened to Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell and wished for more books like it--history with zing, humor and immediacy. Vowell combines dry, sarcastic humor with those tidbits of history I miss discovering and connecting to the history we are making today. Readers Advisory expert help needed, but in the meantime I found a podcast of an interview with her from an Atlanta radio station which helps ease the separation. I don't see an RSS button, but I found it through Yahoo podcasts which any librarian on number 21 can find:)

Thing 20--You Tube

Thing 1, being 14, has made sure I have a great appreciation for You Tube. Maybe not the politically correct or educational aspects of You Tube, but I definitely know it's potential from teaching basic rugby to catching up with Mr. Bean. But it's the music videos that keep him coming back...bands from Germany to Australia have caught his eye. The best marketing tool for Indie bands at the moment. Myself, having recently finished Kitchen Duty at work have a great appreciation for one of the oldies of You Tube--Terry Tate Office Linebacker. Warning: some offensive language, but if you're ready for football season and have seen the kitchen in Elkton on a Monday afternoon you might like.

Thing 19--Web 2.0 award winner

I should have been looking for an app to keep my list of "to be explored more later" sites I've picked up from these 23 Things. Instead, I swerved immediately into the travel section and looked at RealTravel for more on Northern Ireland. I guess no "real people" go there as there was only one whiny post from some people who obviously veered over the border by mistake. Now maybe if we were to add London to our itinerary...

Thing 18--Google Docs

Let's just say some of us have never ponied up the money for Excel at home and can see the benefits of spreadsheet availability for that once in a blue moon school report assignement or (gasp!) finishing a work project at home. One more to investigate later.

Thing 16 and 17--Wiki

The library centered Wiki examples seem pretty dead--nothing in the Materials Selection part of the Library Success Wiki. My librarian need for source authority cringes at Wikis so I'm moving on to the next thing.